Natural remedies against ocular aging

The nutritional supplements produced by Natur-Vista are characterized by natural compounds and extracts of the highest quality and purity. On the basis of the most modern scientific evidence, supplements that combat ocular aging mechanisms have been studied and developed, supporting the treatment of the main degenerative diseases of the eyes such as cataracts, maculopathies and glaucoma.

VISTA:OK e VISTA:LITE are two products that, daily used, help to contrast multiple mechanisms of aging of the eye and degeneration of sight.
It is essential to use the 2 products simultaneously for synergistic antioxidant action with antioedema, immune-stimulating, neuroprotective, and vasoprotective effects.
With the aim of maximizing the benefits of both nutritional supplements,Natur-Vistaoffers eye supplement kit,, to take care of your eyes following a healthy and totally natural method.

  • Natural food supplement based on goji berries, turmeric and spirulina algae,VISTA:OK offers a valid support to the well-being of sight and helps to preserve the eye from possible degenerative diseases, whether they are related to age or external agents.

    VISTA:OK contributes to eye health by promoting microcirculation and the immune system.

  • VISTA:LITE: natural supplement based on emblica, rose hip, red vine and extract from pine bark with antioxidant and anti-aging activity. Promotes normal collagen formation for the physiological function of blood vessels.

    Product specially formulated to preserve the well-being of sight and to prevent major eye diseases and degeneration, it is a valid support for the care and health of our eyes.

  • VISTA:BAR is the tasty snack that protects your sight. Completely natural and organic easy to digest. Improve your vision performance and fight fatigue with a slow-release energy supply.

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