Ocular oxidative stress


lo stress ossidativoOcular oxidative stress is one of the main mechanisms of inflammation and eyes aging and consequently one of the primary detrimental factors for vision. This condition originates from body’s excessive production of free radicals. Some bad habits such as smoke, an incorrect nutrition rich in fat and carbohydrates, sedentary, exposure to sunlight are the main causes of this phenomenon. Such practices, coupled with ever-increasing environmental pollution and stress, reduce the ability to defend ocular structures from early adulthood and can lead to real illnesses such as cataracts and maculopathies.


In combination with proper nutrition and an adequate lifestyle, the contribution of specific micronutrients through targeted integration can contrast not only ocular aging and degenerative diseases but also play a role in assisting maculopathy therapies and glaucoma stimulating mechanisms that reduce the formation of pathological neovasculars, retinal edema, and which protect the nerve structures of the eye and strengthen the immune system. Natur-Vista's supplements have been specially designed to constrast the major causes of oxidative stress and to support therapies able to reduce the symptoms and counteract the major pathologies due to aging of the eye.

10 best practices for a good sight

1. Take care of your health and your sight.
2. Use sunglasses.
3. Don’t smoke.
4. Choose an healthy nutrition, with fresh fruits and vegetables, vitamins and anti-oxidants.
5. Go to ophthalmologist for regular visits.
6. Use protection aids during work and recreational activities.
7. Check if there are recurrent eye diseases in your family such as glaucoma and maculopathies.
8. Remember that prevention is always the best care.
9. If you use contact lenses comply with the best practices.
10. Don’t overlook the eye symptoms.