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It is made of 100% organic and pure kale powder. It contains high levels of carotenoids, quercetin, omega-3, and a strong antioxidant coadjuvant | 90g

  • QUALITY AND PURITY - Arthro-Kal powder provides the optimal amount of carotenoids and flavonoids (over 45 types, including quercetin and kaempferol), ensuring a powerful antioxidant action.
  • HIGH NATURAL DOSAGE - Due to the high purity of the extract, it is recommended to use one tablespoon (3 grams) per day to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the dry extract to treat arthrosis and joint pain.
  • EASY TO TAKE - The product can be added to dishes, homemade baked foods, as well as soups, risotto, pasta sauces, vegetable broths, or used raw for any dishes.
  • VEGAN AND NON-GMO - We work to ensure that our remedies are natural, 100% vegan, and non-GMO, with no preservatives and added flavours.
  • RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS - IA natural dietary supplement for overall and joint health recommended by the National Arthrosis Centre of Milan and Monza. It is part of the Anti-Arthrosis dietary plan.


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