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ANTI ARTHROSIS KIT - 1-month supply

ANTI ARTHROSIS KIT - 1-month supply

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The anti-arthrosis and anti-arthritis kit offers the benefits of a combined treatment against arthrosis with owing to the soothing action of the Arthro Bos and Artho Will tablets, the strong antioxidant action of Artho-Mac and the anti- inflammatory properties of Artho Cap Plus cream Arthro Bos and Arthro Wil tablets’ soothing action, Arthro Cap Plus cream and the strong antioxidant action of Arthro-Mac. The high concentration of natural components provides relief from joint pain and treats arthrosis instead of using conventional medicine which may cause side effects. To maximize the benefits of the products of the kit, it is recommended to take the products together. 

VEGAN AND NON-GMO - We work to ensure that our remedies are natural, 100% vegan, and non-GMO, with no preservatives and added flavours.

RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS - A natural dietary supplement kit for the overall and joint health recommended by the National Arthrosis Centre of Milan and Monza. This is part of the Anti-Arthrosis dietary plan.

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