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Dear customer,

In this difficult period we have had, like all companies in the nutraceutical sector, serious problems in the procurement of raw materials. We at Algosfree have always paid particular attention to the quality of the active ingredients in our products. To continue providing safe and effective products, we have introduced slight changes to our flagship - the Anti Arthritis Kit. We therefore studied a new offer, subjected to the validation of the expert doctors of the Centro Nazionale Artrosi, our scientific partner.

From 1 July the Kit will consist of 5 products instead of 4, at the same cost in order not to penalize customers. The kit represents the most effective natural response to counteract arthritis disease.

Available at the same price of € 132, the kit consists of:

  • - Arthro-Wil: food supplement based on Turmeric, Willow and Black Pepper suitable in cases of decreased joint function and inflammatory states
  • - Arthro-Mac: Arthro-Mac: anti-arthrosis drink based on pure pomegranate juice, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C that counteracts skeletal pain and joint stiffness
  • - Arthro-Cap Plus: ointment that acts on inflammation and joint pain based on capsaicin, ginger and New Zealand green mussel extract
  • - Arthro-Kal: antioxidant lyophilisate based on kale
  • - Physio Smart: supplement based on Bromelain, Aescin and Rutin that promotes vascularization, performs an anti-inflammatory adjuvant activity and counteracts swelling
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