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Food as a valuable and powerful ally in the battle against osteoarthritis

Is it possible to effectively prevent and fight arthrosis with the right dietary balance? Can we reduce and minimize the damage caused by this serious degenerative disease that affects millions of people every year? The answer is yes.

In the book La Dieta Anti Arthrosis by Professor Marco Lanzetta, the first doctor to have performed a hand transplant in the world, a surprising secret is revealed in its simplicity: no drugs or invasive therapies, food is one of the most valuable and powerful allies in the battle against this disease.

Notes on the author of the anti arthrosis books: Marco Lanzetta is internationally known as one of the most renowned hand surgeons in the world. He is a University Professor at the University of Canberra, Australia, and Ludes University, Lugano. In 1998 he performed the world's first cadaver hand transplant in Lyon. In 2000 he performed the world's first transplant of both hands and in the same year the first hand transplant in Italy.Be the first to review this product

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