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Techniques, supplements, diet, stem cells and other natural cures against osteoarthrosis

This book tells in an unequivocal way a truth hidden until now: arthrosis can be cured. And not with what is already available, that is, anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone, real boomerangs for the dreaded side effects that present, or with joint replacement surgery, the last resort in irreparable cases. Innovative and original techniques, natural food supplements, an anti-arthrosis diet available to all, stem cells, new types of laser: these are the new natural treatments against osteoarthrosis available to all.

Finally, good news for those 6 million Italians who suffer from one of the most widespread and disabling diseases in the world. A book that is a real guide in the world of osteoarthritis, full of tips related to physical activity, exercises to be done every day, with a self-assessment test and many recipes created especially by three great Italian star chefs. Be the first to review this product

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