The top 100 foods against arthritis

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The top 100 foods against arthritis

The 100 most effective foods to combat arthritis at the table in a natural way

After the success of The Anti-Arthritis Diet", Professor Marco Lanzetta, protagonist of the first hand transplant in the world, explains in the book "The top 100 foods against arthritis" which are the 100 most effective foods for the health of the joints, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and purifying.



Enough with drugs and invasive therapies, arthrosis is fought first of all at the table! The research has now shown that some foods behave like medicines, able to counteract and prevent arthritic inflammation, revealing our most powerful allies for healthy joints.

In the book, Professor Marco Lanzetta, who developed an innovative method to treat this disease through nutrition, offers the complete list of super foods to be included in the daily diet, from maple syrup to pumpkin, passing through fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and spices, with a tuile recipe book to try combinations and combinations according to the preferences of each. A simple solution to combat osteoarthritis in a natural way, eating in a colorful and tasty way.

In fact, some foods naturally contain valuable substances that can inhibit arthritic inflammation. And these are the protagonists of our book, which illustrates the 100 functional foods against osteoarthritis, classified according to five fundamental properties for joint well-being: purifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-acid and complementary.

Among the super foods that should never be lacking at the table, the author includes very common foods such as broccoli, chickpeas, raspberries, almonds, spinach, along with others now known for their many virtues such as ginger, quinoa, linseed, soy, umerboshi, but it also makes us discover little known foods and extraordinary properties such as amla, lucuma, maqui, sumac, tapioca.

Complete the volume the indications to compose the menus of every day and tasty recipes to experiment combining the 100 anti-arthritis foods.

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