• kit mensile artrosi


    È scientificamente dimostrato:
    Curcuma, zenzero, boswellia e vitamina C
    oltre a contrastare l'artrosi
    rinforzano le difese immunitarie

    aquista kit trattamento mensile algosfree
  • cure naturali artrosi

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  • crema lenitiva


    Scopri la nuova
    crema lenitiva, idratante e rigenerante
    per il trattamento di cicatrici cutanee,
    fibrosi e ipersensibilità
    della pelle

    Nutra Touch
  • snack anti artrosi


    Lo snack biologico, facilmente digeribile
    e con un apporto di energia a lento rilascio.
    Combatti la fatica,
    la rigidità articolare e il gonfiore
    con un alimento ideale per contrastare artrosi e artrite
    ma anche per gli sportivi di tutte le età;

  • drink anti artrosi
    drink anti artrosi
  • dieta anti artrosi


    Il metodo innovativo per la salute delle tue articolazioni.
    In questo libro il professor Marco Lanzetta svela un segreto
    sorprendente nella sua semplicità: niente farmaci né terapie
    invasive, è il cibo uno dei più preziosi alleati nella battaglia
    contro l’artrosi.

    libri anti artrosi


who we are Scarica il catalogo conosci la dieta anti-artrosi spese gratuite in Italia kit da 3 a 6 mesi

Products for arthritis

Anti arthritis creams, drink and capsules

Food supplements and anti arthritis creams manufactured by Algosfree are unique as they contain natural products only. They are produced using extracts of the highest quality and purity, at high concentration. Based on our research and peer reviewed published scientific studies, we have developed today’s best possible food supplements, drinks and creams to be used to contrast arthritis and rheumatic disorders.


The Kit

Arthro Wil, Arthro Bos, Arthro Cap and Arthro MaC are the core products of our well-known anti arthritis full treatment kit, an important component of the Anti Arthritis Diet® developed by the CNA - Centro Nazionale Artrosi (National Centre for Arthritis).


It is essential that the 4 products are used simoultaneously, in order to achieve the best possible result, as suggested by the physicians of the CNA.


Creme e prodotti naturali contro l'artrosi

  • Kit for

    1 Month
    of treatment



    1 Arthro-wil

    1 Arthro-bos

    1 Arthro-Cap Plus

    1 Arthro-MaC

    € 132,00

  • Kit for

    3 Months
    of treatment



    3 Arthro-wil

    3 Arthro-bos

    3 Arthro-Cap Plus

    3 Arthro-MaC

    € 396,00

    € 376,20*

    *Free Shipping

  • Kit for

    6 Months
    of treatment



    6 Arthro-wil

    6 Arthro-bos

    6 Arthro-Cap Plus

    6 Arthro-MaC

    € 792,00

    € 736,56*

    *Free Shipping

food products

Algosfree products have been developed specifically for a correct diet in case of arthritis, joints pain and disordess, cronic inflammations of muscles and tendons. When included in the Anti Arthritis Diet® (see the program) they provide many of the natural nutrients that modern scientific research has shown to be effettive in these cases.

  • La Barretta (20 pz)

    Snack anti artrosi

    Natural and low-glycemic snack for those suffering from joint problems

    La barretta is the fully natural anti arthritis snack, an organic and easily digestible product that supplies slow release energy. Fight fatigue, joint stiffness and swelling with an anti-inflammatory diet, light and tasty.


    €  50,00

  • Arthro-Kal

    kale antioxidant

    The kale superpowder, the vegetable with the highest antioxidant value

    Arthro-Kal: the anti arthritis kale superpowder to supplement our daily diet with lots of specific benefits

    Just one spoon (3 g) of product every day in our soups, baked pies and tarts, rice, pasta, vegetable broth, or raw on every dish as a condiment.


    €  33,00

Products for joint, muscle and tendon pains

All-natural products, the Arthro-Mac drink and the Arthro-Cap Plus cream play an important role both in the forms of joint degeneration and in all forms of arthrosis or arthritis and in case of muscular and tendon pains.

  • Rich Omega 3

    Rich Omega 3

    Food supplement of Omega 3 fatty acids for muscle well-being


    €  33,00

  • Arthro Mac

    Arthro Mac

    The first anti-arthrosis drink in the world. A concentrate of well-being for the joints


    €  33,00

  • Arthro-Cap Plus

    Arthro-Cap Plus

    Powerful cream to be used on painful joints and for muscular and tendon pains.


    €  33,00

    €  31.02*

Products for post-traumatic rehabilitation

This is the new products line dedicated to post-traumatic rehabilitation and swelling of limbs. Nutra Touch is the new cream indicated for the treatment of skin scars or fibrosis and skin hypersensitivity.

  • Nutra Touch

    natural cream with a soothing action

    Soothing natural cream for the treatment of scars and cutaneous fibrosis

    Nutra Touch is a natural cream with a soothing action based on Argan oil, Arnica and Manuka honey.
    This product represents a valid support in case of skin scars or areas of fibrosis and hypersensitivity of the skin.


    €  33,00

  • Physio Smart

    Supplement against swelling of the limbs

    Supplement to counteract the swelling of the limbs after trauma or long flights

    Physio Smart is a supplement completely dedicated to the swelling of the limbs, especially after a trauma, surgery but also in case of support for the treatment of daily edema due to multiple factors.
    A special indication concerns the swellings typical of those who remain seated in the same position during long flights.
    Taking a sachet 2-3 hours before the flight helps to counteract this annoying effect of the journey.

    Take advantage of the Promo! If you have purchased the Anti Arthritis Kit for 3 months, you will have a free Physio Smart pack! But that is not all! If you put 2 Physio Smart in your cart, we will give you the second pack for free!


    €  33,00

Products for stem cell functionality

Stem Power is the first product dedicated primarily to support the activity of mesenchyme stem cells in case of autologous adipose tissue transplantation for tissue regeneration. Is particularly useful for subjects that are susceptible to hypercholesterolemia and have elevate traits of triglycerides in the blood or with a blood sugar levels considered to be higher than clinically advised.

  • Stem Power

    Supplements activities of mesenchymal stem cells

    Stem Power supports and protects the activities of mesenchymal stem cells.

    Its use is a valid and effective alternative to the use of medicines based on statins, whose intake may have side effects including cramps, night pain and a sense of rigidity.

    Quantity: 3 capsules a day, even during meals.

    Take advantage of the promo and buy the product with a 10% discount!


    €  33,00


The offer includes the books "At the gym with arthritis", "Living without arthritis, "The anti-arthritis diet" and "The top 100 foods against arthritis" by prof. Marco Lanzetta. Within them, useful indications, advice, remedies and natural cures to counter osteoarthritis with alternative and cutting-edge methods.

  • At the gym with Arthritis

    In palestra con l'artrosi

    The best formula for a healthy and useful movement program

    The book illustrates how to set up a movement plan consisting of individual gymnastics, physiotherapy and activities; sport according to the needs of each one. & nbsp; The author indicates the best formula for a healthy and useful movement program in the arthritic patient.


    €  14,90

  • Anti-Arthritis

    Vivere senza artrosi di Marco Lanzetta

    Food is one of the most precious allies in the battle against arthritis.

    In this book, Professor Lanzetta Bertani, protagonist of the first hand transplant in the world and an internationally renowned specialist, reveals how to do it, through the Anti Arthrosis Diet® program and the detailed list of the 100 most effective foods for the health of joints.


    €  20,00

  • Living without arthritis

    Vivere senza artrosi di Marco Lanzetta

    Techniques, supplements, diet, stem cells and natural treatments against arthritis

    This book unequivocally tells a truth; hitherto hidden: arthrosis is possible; treating . And not with what is already there; available, that is the anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone, true boomerangs for the fearsome side effects they present; or with joint prosthesis operations, the last resort in irremediable cases. Innovative and original techniques, natural food supplements, a anti-arthrosis diet within everyone's reach, stem cells, & nbsp; new types of lasers: these are the new natural treatments for osteoarthritis available to everyone.

    Finally good news for those 6 million Italians who suffer from a   of more and more diseases; widespread and more disabling in the world.   A book that represents a real guide in the world of arthrosis , rich   of advice related to ’ activities à physics , to the exercises to be done every day, with a test of   self-assessment and many recipes created by three great Italian starred chefs .


    €  17,90

  • The anti-arthritis diet

    The anti-arthritis diet

    Food as a precious and powerful ally in the battle against artosis

    Is it possible to effectively prevent and combat osteoarthritis with proper dietary balance? Is it possible to reduce and minimize the damage caused by this serious degenerative disease which affects millions of people every year? The answer is s & igrave;.

    In the book The Anti-Arthritis Diet by Professor Marco Lanzetta, the first doctor to have performed a hand transplant in the world, reveals a surprising secret in its simplicity & agrave ;: no drugs n & eacute; invasive therapies, & egrave; the food one of the most precious and powerful allies in the battle against this disease.

    Notes on the author of anti-arthrosis books : Marco Lanzetta & egrave; internationally known to be one of the most popular hand surgeons; known in the world. & Egrave; University Professor at the University of Canberra, Australia, and the Ludes University of Lugano. In 1998 he performed a cadaver hand transplant in Lyon for the first time in the world. In 2000 he carried out the first transplant in the world of both hands and in the same year the first hand transplant in Italy.


    €  14,90

  • The top 100 foods against arthritis

    Vivere senza artrosi di Marco Lanzetta

    The 100 most effective foods to combat arthritis at the table in a natural way

    After the success of The Anti-Arthritis Diet", Professor Marco Lanzetta, protagonist of the first hand transplant in the world, explains in the book "The top 100 foods against arthritis" which are the 100 most effective foods for the health of the joints, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and purifying.


    €  14,90

  • 99 ways to say no to arthritis

    Vivere senza artrosi di Marco Lanzetta

    99 practical and easy advices to combat arthritis

    Professor Marco Lanzetta, first surgeon to have performed a hand transplantation in the world, Scientific Director of the Italian Institute of Hand Surgery and International Consultant of the National Arthrosis Center, proposes with his new book "99 ways to say no to arthrosis "a complete guide but at the same time agile and easy to consult in which illustrates how to rediscover the well-being of the joints in a natural way.


    €  15,90

  • Anti Arthritis Books

    Anti Arthritis Books

    Buy all the Anti Arthritis books at a very special price!

    Notes on the author of anti-arthrosis books: Marco Lanzetta is internationally known for being one of the most popular hand surgeons in the world. He is a University Professor at the University of Canberra, Australia, and the Ludes University of Lugano. In 1998 he performed a cadaver hand transplant in Lyon for the first time in the world. In 2000 he carried out the first transplant in the world of both hands and in the same year the first hand transplant in Italy.

    DISCOUNT 10%

    €  62,60

    €  56,34*